Saturday, March 31, 2007

Publication updates

My short story, The Trees of Home, is upcoming in Sorcerous Signals:

My illustrated (Thank you, Andrea!) children's story, Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?, is being considered as a children's book.

A story I contributed to*, along with others, "Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth" by Michael F. Flynn (Asimov¹s, December 2006) has been nominated for a Hugo in the novelette category.  (His novel, Eifelheim, was also nominated.)

And a friend's science article about life on other planets is up: Darker Matter - Is There Life Out There? by I. E. Lester  (It's the beginning of a series, and the introduction is excellent; I love the SF classics he begins with; and he corrects the canale misconception.)

*I was a poster (Well, actually I'm two--Pagadan and Velvet) in one segment of the story.  Mr. Flynn asked posters on his AOL SF Authors board to write posts ... .  I wish people could see all the posts!  He had to edit them for length; and the way he wove them into the story with a fictional character's posts was fantastic!


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