Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PVC trim

What do you do if you're in charge of PR for a company in a
sluggish industry?

That's the dilemma Kleber & Associates faced recently when the
marketing and communications company promoted its client, KOMA Trim Products, a leading manufacturer of wood alternative trim.

The trim, made of PVC, is typically used around windows and
corners of buildings. It's superior to wood and more expensive
because it resists moisture and insect damage, making it ideal
for the home construction industry.

But that industry is limping along. So Kleber suggested looking
instead at an industry that's red hot. In this case, home

KOMA targeted high-end home remodelers and issued a challenge:
How can you take a flat piece of PVC trim and reinvent it?

Enter Peter Luciani who took the challenge far beyond what KOMA could have ever dreamed possible.

"He glued boards and started turning them into ballisters,"
president Steve Kleber said. "He carved them into corbels, an
architectural bracket used to support a cornice, arch or hold up
a shelf. He used them to create cupolas and outdoor furniture."

For his efforts, KOMA anointed Peter "Building Professional of
the Year" and brought him to their booth at the International
Builders Show in Orlando in February. There, he gave media
interviews, answered questions from those who visited the booth
and discussed new interior uses for KOMA products.

"He taught the manufacturer applications that the manufacturer
didn't understand were important in the marketplace," Steve said.
"Now, they're generating new ideas."

The trade publications loved the story. Peter was suddenly a
star. KOMA's booth created a buzz at the show. And Kleber &
Associates found a clever way to promote a high-end product in a
sluggish industry by issuing a challenge to a new target

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