Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home office re-arrangement

The April/May Remodel issue also has an article for remodeling your office by focusing on one wall; they show you three different examples using a desk and shelves.  In the window office they put the desk under a window, which is something I'd never do because I don't want the sun shining on my computer and equipment.  My other desk has metal file holders across the whole back, and I don't like blocking a window.  (It used to be a rolltop desk, but it no longer had the top; I love my big wooden desk with lots of drawers.)  Their window office has two pots of flowers and family photos on the desk.  (Hopefully, those flowers don't need water.)  I see they stuck the tower under the desk.  
Another office example has shelves stacked way high.  My office has the two big desks, five file cabinets (wood and metal), a supply cabinet, and two big wooden chairs besides my desk chairs.  And everything except my computer desk has old metal file holders that go as high as I can comfortably and efficiently reach.  This example suggests putting storage under your desk and leaving just enough room for your feet.  Well, then there wouldn't be enough room for Xena.  The color scheme is white and silver, which I find a little sterile, even though I love silver.  My own office is a pale yellow with an amber glaze.  For interest, I have original cartoons, a painting, a print of Rosa Bonheur's The Horse Fair on the computer desk wall, and a couple calendars, plus the magnet collection on the metal file cabinets.  (They don't all have to be on the fridge.)
The third office is more informal with a yellow wall and white cabinets; the molding on the cabinets matches the room molding, which is a nice idea.  The desk chair is slip covered in plaid, and the desk has table legs to make it look less like a desk; the cabinets have brackets.  (I don't like this current kitchen and office furniture trend; it's just not practical.)  There's room enough on the desk/table for a laptop computer.  I wonder where my scanner, printer, UPS box, dictionary, etc. would go?  (I'm not even sure my big monitor and tower would fit on that table.) 

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