Friday, April 20, 2007

House building tidbits

Kitchen ideas: In the Your Next Kitchen column in the Spring/Summer issue of New Home, Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer*, answers questions about what's new.  Homeowners want more interesting textures to give them their own look, and granite is common, but it tends to dominate a kitchen.  You may want a more understated look.  Homeowners are also focusing on the size and number of appliances and splurging on cabinets too, including furniture pieces for storage.  Her advice includes, "Do not fear color!"
Also in the magazine, Duo Dickinson, an award-winning architect, warns against weird shapes of roofs--"multiple planes that come together, windows that cut into roofs, or flat planes with other roof areas draining onto them (very common in larger homes built in the last 20 years)."
I came across some fun new products for the home in this magazine, including a fancy range hood; it's a waterfall design in green from Best by Broan.  It looks like a sculpture and has a dishwasher-safe filter.  It costs over $2,000.00.  I discovered some more nifty shower heads too--a star pattern (8" in diameter)showerhead and a bubbling 14" diameter showerhead (air is injected into the water).
And 10 favorite buyer splurges include a media room, a climate-controlled wine cellar, and a home wired for Christmas lights. 
Btw, a builder recently told me that the new codes (Florida) include shorter eaves--10-16".  Yikes!  Apparently that's so hurricane winds can't get under the eaves.  What about protecting the house from the sun and rain?  (That's especially important with log homes.)  And we were disappointed when our last house only had 2' eaves instead of 3'.  I guess that explains that truncated look to roofs that I've seen lately--the ones that look like aliens have been chopping off parts of the earth to take home for souvenirs.

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