Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bathroom ideas

The April 2007 issue of Cottage Living has some interesting ideas for remodeling and decorating your bathroom, including two pedastal sinks separated by a little wall.  The floor of this bathroom is wood so they've put tile "rugs" under the sinks.  They painted the outside of the old claw-foot tub blue to match the walls.  I think they should have put tile under the tub or else a big rug in front of it.  And don't forget to hang those rugs up to dry!  (I painted an old claw-foot tub pink some years back.  It really brightened up the bathroom.)
In another bathroom in that issue, they used decoupaged maps as wallpaper (glued and sealed).  And the ceiling was painted blue which makes the bathwater look blue.  I love that!
My own bathroom is blue with a white ceiling; the walls are stencilled with gingko leaves in a darker blue in each corner-- below the ceiling.  The towels, washcloths, shower curtain, and rugs are various shades of blue; and for decoration I have a collection of Meeko figurines (from Pocohontas).  A canoe with Pocohontas and Meeko floats on the toilet tank.  I have to confess that some people who've visited the house think it's a children's bathroom.  (It's a good thing I got rid of most of my Stellaluna collection.)

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