Monday, May 21, 2007

Home and decorating ideas

Olive wood cheese boards are a European tradition, according to House & Garden (May 2007 issue--a product listing).
Giorgio Armani is now a kitchen designer.  His home line has "A complete kitchen as tailored and elegant as one of his suits."  (I do like the bronze surface.)  He says, "I wanted an opulent surface slightly reminiscent of textiles but functional and hard-wearing.  We came up with this special surface ..."   (See Design Mind in the May issue of House & Garden.)
The Sonoma Cast Stone's P-series wave sink [in 24 colors; I do like that pale green] is interesting; I think it's for a bathroom.  You can see it in Elements of a Room in the same issue; there's also a wooden bathtub, which I've seen elsewhere.  It just doesn't seem practical.  The pond bathtub (fiberglass) is more impressive--different anyway. 
Then there's Kohler's Ipanema lavatory and countertop of vitreous china--very colorful--with metal legs.  I liked a faucet, Show House from Moen; it's simple but elegant.  (Advertisement.)  For the kitchen (Trade Secrets section), there's a combination microwave and toaster that gives you more counter space.  (I wonder how you clean it?)
For those interested in our planet, be sure to read One Gardener's Almanac (May issue also), which looks at trees and plants in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston and how they and other trees in the northeast are doing in a warmer climate with more pests.  [The lovebugs are swarming here, btw.]  There's a sidebar with a list of adaptable trees.
Btw, I've read that lavendar is the new neutral; it comes in various shades.

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