Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kitchen countertop update

Today Patrick added the wood trim to all the countertops--and it was a real chore in the master bathroom, where he had to work around a vintage pedestal sink.  He grouted (linen) the granite tiles and caulked the kitchen sink (fiberglass; this is our first fiberglass kitchen sink), which he installed and discovered that the water lines that came with the faucets aren't long enough to reach our valves, which are low.  So, he'll have to get those tomorrow and do more caulking and buffing of the tiles.  Our faucets are Delta and look really modern; the faucet is so high, however, that when we wash our hands, there will be lots of water splashing, which has always been a problem.  We learned that not all faucets come with water lines; Kohler, for instance, doesn't.  (We looked at a Kohler faucet, but decided to go with the Delta.)

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