Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kitchen remodeling

We've been thinking about replacing our kitchen countertops for a long time.  Earlier we were thinking of using Corian, but that's not as popular now as it was earlier.  Granite is one of the current trends, but it's expensive, and our contractor suggested granite squares which are grouted.  The photos I've seen look fantastic; so we're going with that.  We're replacing the kitchen sink also, and the vote was unanimous: No more stainless steel for that!  We're looking at the same style (double sinks of equal size), but made of enamel over cast iron, I think.  I need to do more research on that.  I believe it's porcelain that's more liable to chip, and no one liked the acrylic sink we saw at Lowe's.  We'll probably replace the faucet too.  I think we'll keep the same style with no cutouts or inserts.  Looking at those brand catalogs, which we did at Lowe's, is confusing--so many choices!  I'd like to see something I can touch...

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