Monday, May 28, 2007

Oasis 20 (literary SF con) report preview

The Oasis convention is held on Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida.  As usual, I went Friday afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon and had lots of fun.  Now I have to write a con report.  I bought a number of Liaden universe chapbooks and an omnibus volume by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  I've read all the books--some of them are chapbooks and one's a collection of chapbooks--that I hadn't read.  I'll look at the omnibus of novels that I've already read before shelving it.  I picked up some comics--Robert Asprin's Myth Adventure series--on the freebies table and bought Mike Conrad's Peter Parsec, Space Cadet: Raiders of the Lost Dark (funny with lots of word play) comic in the dealers room.  Check it out at  Comics   I also got a nifty tee shirt there from Batoka Station, a city on Mars (created by Monk Studios).  Check out their stuff at

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