Friday, May 4, 2007

Save the trees! (discussion link)

Saving Trees, Saving Money
(From Marjie's Blog) One of my pet peeves: developers and builders who bulldoze every tree on the lot(s) before starting construction....

I was fortunate that we built in a horse pasture that had some beautiful old oaks--the former owner called the big one that's behind our house now the cathedral oak--and pines.  We lost most of the pines to drought and beetles, btw.  Remember that it's important not to try to save trees that are damaged, dying, or too close to the house!  It'll probably be cheaper to remove them as part of the building process, than to have to do it later.  And we were fortunate to have our pines removed before all the hurricane damage when some tree removers charged big bucks.  None of our trees were or are too close to the house, which was especially appreciated when the top of one of the dead pines came down.  (Some pines were riddled with beetle holes, but not dead yet, but we took them all down after that.)  We still have pines on the property, but now none of them are where they can drop pinecones on the lawn, which I really appreciate. 

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