Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bathroom ideas

I came across some fun bathroom ideas in an old issue of Western Interiors and Design (May/June 2006).  One shower has a clear glass wall that looks out at the garden.  (You can close it off with recessed motorized shades.)  It's a big shower--big enough to have a huge boulder in it.  The bathroom also has floating glass countertops and sinks. 
A Vitraform ("the original glass sink") ad has an engraved freestanding basin in peach laminated glass; it's lovely, and other colors are available. 
In one bathroom, an Agape Spoon tub sits on a platform, and the floor mounted tub filler (faucet) rises from the floor; it's controlled by a lever and knob within arm's reach of the head of the tub.  [Everyone's arm?]  The adjoining spaces include a seating area with a flat-screen TV and a kiva fireplace, a meditating room, and a dressing area.  Mustn't forget the lamps, walnut vanity, vessel sinks, draperies, etc. 
Then there's the Hawaiin bathroom with the lava wall, marble basin, bamboo ladder for the towels, and more.  And there's a bathroom with a limestone wall inspired by a French castle, ...  Oh, to dissolve the boundary between indoor and outdoor space, continue the flooring outside.
Believe it or not, my bathroom in my next house is probably going to be pretty much the same as my current one.

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