Friday, June 1, 2007

Kitchen countertop update

Today Patrick finished the countertops and connected the sink water lines.  We'll put off using the sink and counters until everything has had a couple days to dry because I always like to be sure, but we vaccuumed and scrubbed the kitchen floor, put the rugs down, hung the calendar and phone back up (we had to get switch out with a smaller calendar because now it touched the countertop), and I cleaned under the sink, lined it, and put everything back.  I love putting things back where they belong; and I'm really looking forward to putting things back on the countertop and hanging the new curtains and being able to put food from the fridge there before moving it to a table (dining room or back porch) and being able to put the groceries on the counter rather than the dining room table and then putting them away.  Patrick gave us instructions on the care of the granite tile and grout and left us caulk and sealer.  Btw, I noticed on the Delta faucet carton that water lines were listed under tools you might need. 

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