Friday, June 22, 2007

New flooring update

Patrick made a lot of progress today; I think he'll finish up at least one side tomorrow.  I can't use my bathroom, which is off the Great Hall, but I think I got everything I need out of it.  (We chose the grout color today, btw; it matches the tiles pretty much.)  We can use the first bedroom again; we just have to avoid the grout lines.  (You touched one!)    And then we realized we couldn't reach the fan switches, but eventually--while staring in annoyance at the fan blowing on me--I saw the answer--fan pulls! 

Living in the jumble of furniture and dogs locked in the bedrooms so they don't mess up the tile and grout gives me an inkling of what it'll be like when we move and are in limbo.  But periodically we stand and look at the finished part of the floor.  It's beautiful! 

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