Thursday, June 21, 2007

New house project: the floor

We've been thinking recently of redoing the floor in the whole house; earlier we'd thought maybe just the Great Hall, but then you have to think about thresholds.  So, since we were happy with the kitchen countertops, we decided to have the contractor do the floors, and we discussed our options.  We decided to go with ceramic tile, and he came up with a great idea for the entrance way.  I'll have to post a picture of that when it's done.

The tile was delivered yesterday, and the contractor came this morning.  He got off to an interesting start when he moved the two Adirondack chairs flanking the front door so he'd have a work space.  Suddenly he was surrounded by wasps, and he did an impressive job of keeping them out of the house (the front door was wide open) while I ran for the wasp spray.  He got them all and the nest.  (It was a biggie.)

Then he started in the Great Hall; he'll work his way down one side and then do the other side.  One of the bedrooms is blocked off while the floor is setting, and there's furniture all over the place.  The dogs have had to be kept locked up so they don't dance on the tiles; and I'm camping out in the dining room.  Tomorrow the monster old store cupboard has to be moved.  Putting things back will be hard 'cause then you can't drag them and scratch the floor.

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