Thursday, June 14, 2007

New products and home ideas

An old lantern sconce updated with electricity from Old California Lantern Company that has a sleek look, a vessel faucet from Price Pfister that resembles an old-fashioned pump, and a reproduction pie safe from the Southern Craftsmen Guild are perfect for a new or traditional home.  (I found them in the August issue of Log Home Living.)

Also in that issue is a look at various deck materials in their product guide and an article on creating the perfect patio space. (I saw on a home show recently that decks are outdated and patios are in, but it takes a long time for a trend to die so you have plenty of time to make your choice.)

If you want to decorate with a wildlife theme, they have an article on that also.  (I swear I will shriek if I see another antler chandelier; and the bedspread made from fox pelts, including their tails, is tummy turning.)

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