Sunday, June 17, 2007

Office space ideas

The Write Space in the August 2007 issue of Writer's Digest looks at the offices of four writers.  One writer/editor, Vendela Vida, has two offices: her home office and the office at her magazine; she says that having a baby doesn't let her stay up late writing any more, but she's more organized.  (And her husband helps with the baby.)  
Lemony Snickett author, Daniel Handler, has a big black desk in his office because he likes "a lot of service area."  His office includes paperweights that "aren't fooling around."  (They're there to work.)  Also, a laptop computer, a can of pencils, a coffee/tea carafe, a 20-volume set of the Oxford English Dictionary, Miss Manners' Guide to Excrutiatingly Correct Behavior, and a really high-backed black chair. 
Richard Adams Carey's office includes an old Gateway computer, a dial-up modem, files, family photos, and lots of music and bookshelves.
Lisa Gardner's office has floor-to-ceiling windows and a great view in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Her cozy and colorful (cream and deep-red walls) office has a curved desk, an upholstered chair for reading, and no phone.  She's there to work.  (She takes care of the business side of writing at her home office and uses a USB flash drive between the offices.  Great Scott!  I'd forgotten I have one!!)
I am always interested in other writers' offices.  Hmm.  I love a big desk (I have two; my computer desk, which is from the 50s, I think, and has Rosa Bonheur's The Horse Fair over it; and the bottom half of an old roll-top desk); I have only a few books in my office, and one is a dictionary; I have no music--ever--but I'm way too close to the TV; I have lots of file cabinets and four chairs, none of them upholstered.  And I was tickled to see that at least one other writer only has dial-up.  Here are my two desks; the other walls have windows, file cabinets, and chairs (in the corners). 

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