Monday, June 4, 2007

Publication news

Sugar Time, my time travel audiobook, is available from: Hadrosaur Audio Odysseys
I have a story, Pretty Pink Planet, in WomanScapes: WomanScapes: Books: Kathryn Mattingly,Editor EJ McFall
My story, The Trees of Home, is in the May/June/July issue of Sorcerous Signals: Current Issue
My children's story, Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?, is in the pipeline.  Next stop: cover design.
The anthology, Year's Best SF 12, is out now; it has a good selection of stories, including Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth by Michael Flynn.  A section of this story uses online posts, some of which are from Flynn's AOL SF Author's folder, when he asked for contributions from folder regulars for the story.  (I'm Pagadan and Velvet.)  He integrates those posts with the ones related to one of the story's characters.  Very well done, btw.  The story's been nominated for the Hugo and The Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, ... 

And here's an article by my friend, the science writer: Darker Matter - Faster Than Light by I. E. Lester

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