Friday, June 1, 2007

Tropical Storm Barry

That low to the south has turned into a tropical storm, and we're finally getting some much-needed rain!  The rivers and canals connecting the lakes are very low--some impassible; and Lake Okeechobee is the driest it's been in recorded history; and our earthen pond was practically dry.  It's full of blooming yellow lotus, however, who apparently aren't bothered by droughts.

There are tropical storm warnings and watches on the west coast, and we should be getting more rain--and wind--tomorrow.  Here's the National Hurricane Center link for Barry:   Tropical Storm BARRY        (Thanks again, Lloyd!)

Saturday update: Barry is just a tropical depression now and is losing its tropical characteristics.  South Georgia got a lot of rain, which helped with its wildfires, and rain is moving up the east coast.  We got almost two and a half inches, which I'm grateful for.  We need more, but it sounds like our afternoon rains could be starting soon.


Anonymous said...

Your lotus plants must have roots that go deep down if they don't seem to be bothered by drought.  I think that Barry is still offshore, so you should get soaked.  I'll bet you need more than one Barry to replenish the water table, though.  Or at least that's what the kill-joy weathermen always tell us up here in Wisconsin :-)

Anonymous said...


No telling how deep those roots go!  As I recall, they were blooming when the pond was dry, and they also bloom on the slopes.