Sunday, July 29, 2007

Building and decorating tips

There are some interesting articles and columns in the Country's Best Log Homes (Bed & Bath issue/September 2007), which I got recently.  Log Home Retrospective points out that two keys to building are patience and research.  Think about the roof price ("... we had more angles on this home than you'd find in a geometry book."), the well depth, and the stability of the land.  (The builder said "...  The house is moving."  They had to find another property...) 

For log homes, use a variety of woods inside for interest.  Salvaged wood is good.  And there are some interesting bathroom ideas, though one article said that vessel sinks are becoming increasingly popular.  (Elsewhere I've read that they're passe, but it's early yet.)  For small bathrooms, keep it simple; for a large bathroom, add a plant, candles, a TV, etc.  (Not in my bathroom!)  Btw, they're making laminated logs now.

There's also an article on building economically and decorating with a western/horse theme, among others, along with lots of photos of magnificent homes and views.  And a variety of log home models and house plans.  My favorite is The Stone Creek (Precision Craft/Mountain Architects Inc.); it's not the common log MacMansion.  It looks historical and real.

There's a short piece, 10 Cost-Savings Plan Details, that includes such money-saving tips as the basic keep-the-plumbing together and a patio is more economical than a wooden deck with railings.  There's also a calendar of log home events (open houses, seminars, & other programs).


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