Monday, July 23, 2007

Final flooring update

Today we cleaned the floors again and moved some more furniture; I'm moving furniture a few pieces at a time now to get rid of the grout haze, and I'm almost finished with that.  And we got rid of the last bags of tile packaging today in the garbage pickup.  And I put my concrete bench back at the end of my bed.  (I like a solid bench because of the dogs jumping on and off.)  The contractor said to be sure to put something on the concrete bases so it wouldn't damage the tile so I got big pieces of felt that sticks on, and two pieces cover one base exactly.  We were really careful putting everything in place because thinking of dropping that heavy concrete on the ceramic tile made me twitchy.  One thing about the vinyl tile, I never worried about anything falling on it like the dogs dropping their heavy nylabone toys on it, etc. 

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