Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New flooring update

Yesterday we cleaned house; we hadn't done a thorough cleaning for a while, except for the constant vaccuuming to pick up loose grout and mortar and stuff we track in.  The floors look better; we got rid of most of the grout haze on the tiles, and we cleaned up grout here and there on the baseboards, walls, doors, and furniture. And we did some errands, which included getting rid of more stuff that we're culling.  And a dealer came and bought the big pie safe and some smalls.   And the garbage & recycling collectors took everything this time.   
Today I called the Habitat for Humanity store  for a pickup for the leftover boxes of tile.  (We put a lot in the shed, but eventually gave up; that stuff is heavy, even with the hand truck.)  They're picking them up Wednesday morning.  Anyway, now and then we look around and enjoy the new floor.  The house seems brighter and bigger.  We're still rearranging furniture and stuff and fixing things, like recoating the front steps where they got chipped by all the people, furniture, etc. going up and down.   And we moved a lot more furniture around, replaced felt footies on furniture, etc.; now the green bottles are on the bookcase in the living room, and the swan is on the table by another book case; and we bought a rug for the reading nook we made in the Great Hall.  We experimented with a lot of looks before settling on these.

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