Thursday, July 5, 2007

New flooring update

The Great Hall is finished, and I love the patterns in front of each door!  Then he laid the inlay in the middle of the kitchen and in front of the side door--so we can't use that at the moment; and we're dancing around the tile in the kitchen.  (It's really narrow in front of the fridge.)  There are two chairs in front of the kitchen doorway to keep the dogs out, and we hardly ever trip when going over them.

We're still moving furniture around; we moved a desk and hooked up that computer Sunday, just before we lost our phone service during a big storm...  Today we put the TV back and hooked it up.  (It worked after I tracked down the manual and discovered that I'd plugged the cable in the wrong hole.  Heck, it was the wrong piece of equipment.)  And we got our phone service back this afternoon.  They finally tracked down the problem.  (It was a short in the computer modem.  Who'd have thought it?!)

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