Sunday, July 8, 2007

New flooring update

I've noticed that since the new floor is so much lighter than the old one, that the whole Great Hall is brighter.  The furniture continues to move around the house, and so do we and the dogs.  Fortunately we have a small house next door--where my mother used to live--and we transferred food, drinks, a drop-leaf table and plastic chairs there since we no longer have access to the kitchen (it won't be finished for several days because of the weekend; there's one line of tiles left to be mortared and the whole floor grouted) though we can get to our fridge by going outside to the laundry room.  (The fridge is in front of the dryer so we'll be using the washer and dryer at the little house too.)  We still have access to the pantry also (it's between the kitchen and the laundry room), though we've moved everything that was on the pantry floor to the kitchen countertops. 

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