Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New flooring update

Patrick is finishing the kitchen and the pantry now; he's bringing in more crew tomorrow; he wants us to clear out two bedrooms, the office, the linen closet, and the hall bathroom tonight.  Yikes!  Not only do those rooms--especially the office--have the heaviest furniture, I'm not sure there's room in the Great Hall for all of it.  Some of it will be going on the back porch and possibly down to Mom's house.  We'll be juggling the dogs, etc. for a few days.  I won't close down the computer and move the computer desk until tomorrow morning--early.  I wonder if we should get more of those furniture moving sliders...  

Double yikes!!  I found out that I'm supposed to empty all the bedrooms...  We've been busy, and everything's in the Great Hall except for one bed.  (Someone wants to spend one more night in a bed instead of on the floor.)  And the two big office desks.  We may have to take the office door off, and I don't have access to a screwdriver because it's in a room where the tile is setting.  And I can't move my computer equipment until I have a desk to put it on.  Arrrgggghhhh!!!!

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