Friday, July 13, 2007

New flooring update

Patrick brought in a tiling crew Wednesday and Thursday, and we've been busily moving furniture back and forth and on to the front and back porches, also mattresses.  (We've always enjoyed camping out.)  He had to help us get the two big desks out of the office--after removing the door.  He just took the pins out.  (I knew that, but I was all ready to take the hinges off!) 

Yesterday the last of the tiling was set, though Patrick discovered that the laundry room wasn't finished just as they were cleaning up and getting ready to leave.  (They thought he was going to finish that room.)  And the office and one bedroom were grouted, so this morning we began moving furniture into those rooms--after wiping up the haze from the grouting process.  (We'll mop all the floors in a week or so.)  And then I set the computer equipment back up and connected most of the wires and got online.  But where do these last three wires go?!  I figured that out and now everything works.  Oh, and we moved stuff back into the pantry now that he moved the washer and dryer out of it.

The rest of the rooms were grouted today, and we'll move furniture and clothes back into those rooms tomorrow.  AND then the contractor, who was in the process of finishing up, had to deal with a flood in one of the bathrooms.  He was re-installing a toilet.  (Faulty connection.)  We all helped mop up, and his plumber came right over and fixed the problem, which we really appreciated.  This project is finally done!  And I know we're all grateful.  He just has to pick up some leftover materials tomorrow.  The floors look fantastic, btw, and everyone loves his inlaid patterns. 

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