Sunday, July 15, 2007

New flooring update

Saturday we moved all the furniture back where it belonged, though we made some changes because we plan to sell some more furniture.  (I wasn't going to try to put that pie safe back in the linen closet!  The narrow bookcase was much easier, and it holds odds and ends.)  Saturday night, everyone, including the dogs, was back in their own beds.  And I reshelved all the books that night, culling a few more.  (We're always recycling books--taking them to the library and used book stores and giving them to friends.)  And I think I've found everything that was shoved somewhere for storage.  Not only that, I found places for things that had been in the old country store cupboard that we sold.  Critters are peeking out of most of the bookcases and adding a touch of fun.  Okay, I admit that one shelf is a little cluttered. 

We're still doing clean-up; we carried a lot of the leftover tile to the shed.  Eventually we decided to give the rest to the Habitat for Humanity store.  The contractor left us the pallets too; we asked him to put them by the road so that people could use them; and tonight some neighbors stopped by and got them.  Just a little more cleaning and fix-ups to do.  I want to be sure the dryer vent is snug, etc., and I need a couple new rugs because some are too thick for the doors to go over now.

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