Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More green-building tips

The Fall 2007 issue of Custom Wood Homes has an article on 10 Tips for Building Green, including research--check out U.S. Green Building council website: www.usgbc.org , design, buying locally, and smart lighting.  Btw, I saw in today's paper that California plans to ban incandescent lights...

There's also an article, Organic Architecture, in that issue.  Organic architecture started in Chile about a decade ago; it should involve not only the shape of the home, but organic materials. the site, and energy-saving elements.

I came across a Golden Eagle (log home builder) ad in that issue too, which focused on a construction project blog: Dirt to Done, which I had to check out.  Here's the website: Log Homes Network  Look for the Dirt to Done link; and there's a free workbook offer on the website.



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