Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Building with care on the coast (links)

Here's a website that covers a lot of territory: Coastal Construction: Building and Design on the Coast :

Topics include:

  • Building on the West Coast: Facing Earthquakes, Fires and Mudslides
  • Building on the Coast Means Tough Codes
  • Coastal Construction: Better Building, Codes, Materials
  • Storm Sellers: Hurricane-Resistant Building Attracts Buyers
  • Coastal Construction That Can Stand Up to Hurricanes
  • Concrete Homes for Building on the Coast
  • The Evolution of Modular Construction
  • The concrete homes webpage lists the advantages of concrete homes, which include strength, energy efficiency, durability, and fire resistance.  Since we're planning to build our next home using modular construction, I checked out that webpage too: "...modular construction [is] probably the fastest growing segment of a sluggish housing market, ...  [It] used to be concentrated in the Northeast, where one out of every ten new homes is modular. But modular is strong and growing in the Rockies, the Midwest and the Mid Atlantic, and Flaherty's now seeing huge interest in the West Coast, Florida, and Gulf Coast markets."

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