Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greening your home (link)

I recently came across DIY's Going Green Blog, which has interesting and helpful information on various topics, including lighting:

"Let there be light, but let it be green

... I wrote the other day that there are many possible aspects to greening your home, big steps and small. So figured I’d follow up and list some small ones in an area of particular interest of mine: lighting. Here’s my top five:

1. Stop lighting your home with toasters. ‘Cause that’s what incandescent bulbs basically are. You know how the wires inside a toaster turn red when it’s on? Well, those red wires are pretty much the same things as the filaments inside a “regular” bulb. They make more heat than light.

2. “Don’t go into the light.” Or at least not as much of it. Where you can’t switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, use dimmers. Dimming an incandescent bulb saves electricity (and money) and also extends the life of the bulb. ...

3. If a light’s on and no one’s around to see it..."


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