Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kohler bathroom and kitchen products (link)

"KOHLER and WIRED present the Form Meets Function Challenge that encourages you to vote on the best of breed KOHLER product that perfectly captures the idea of form (the shape of an object) and function (the usage of the object)."

There are some modern-looking products here, including the Yin Yang Wading Pool sink and the sok overflowing bath.  Frankly, I had a hard time choosing which to vote for because my mind is so practical.  How are you going to clean that?!  And what good is that low divider in the kitchen sink?  (I need to see and try it.)  I also need to see the Chermont vanity up close.  Well, I guess I'll go for the DTV Custom Showering Experience, whatever that is.

Here's the link: WIRED Insider: KOHLER SWEEPSTKES

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