Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Staging suggestions for your home (link)

I came across some excellent staging suggestions on the Designed to Sell website; they include curb appeal, cleaning and clearing clutter, reducing odors, doing minor repairs, and arranging furniture to make rooms to look more spacious.  There's more at their website: Designed to Sell : Shows : Home & Garden Television

So, cull now!  It's a good chance to get rid of things you don't really like.  Get a cinnamon broom (love that smell); they should be available for the holiday decorating; I got mine recently at Publix (grocery store).  And make pomanders.  They smell fantastic too.  Do major repairs also; they're important for resale value.  And maybe you should get rid of some furniture.  (We did recently when installing new flooring; see my blog posts on that project for more details.)  Now that makes a home look better.  And then we bought a few new pieces...

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