Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel

TD#16 is now TS Noel, and while the spaghetti strands vary, it's expected to turn east over Cuba because of a cold front/trough.  Here's a link: Tropical Storm NOEL

(Thanks, Lloyd, for the link!)

Update (10-29): More models are turning it east, and Cuba should keep it from strengthening.

Update (10-29): Now it's turning west more, though it's still expected to turn east later.  It may affect Miami and the Bahamas, but it's not expected to become a hurricane.

Update (10-31): Noel is not moving at the moment (0 mph), but it's expected to turn northeast pretty soon and is still not predicted to become a hurricane.

Update (11-1): It's still raining over the Bahamas, but it looks like it's beginning its turn.  The east coast of Florida is getting some rain and lots of beach erosion.  At least one building is falling into the ocean...

Update (11-1): We've gotten some showers and wind from Noel, and now it's heading away--possibly to New England/Cape Cod and the Canadian Maratimes; it may be a category 1 hurricane by the time it gets there.

Update (11-2): Noel became a hurricane (category 1), speeded up, and is scheduled to become a noreaster.


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