Thursday, November 29, 2007

Flooring materials discussion (link)

Now for thoughts on... flooring material?

When I blogged about countertop material, I got such a great list of resources and things to consider that I decided to ask you readers again, on a different topic - floors.

What do you think of sustainable flooring materials? What are the options, the considerations and the costs?

We're going to be adding about 800 square feet of office space above the garage in our new home. I don't want to carpet it, for a variety of reasons."

Link:  Andrew & Stacy: The Green Team -- Now for thoughts on... flooring material?


Anonymous said...

i watch a LOT of hg tv.  one of the best, in my opinion, green floors is bamboo.  should we ever consider getting real floors [we have carpet] for the mobil i would not hesitate to put in bamboo flooring.

just my opinion.



Anonymous said...


That's what I was thinking too, but in this blog, someone said that bamboo can be too "green."  I think we'd have to find a good dealer.

Anonymous said...

Also, I've been thinking more seriously about cork.  I didn't consider it earlier because I think it has to be sealed, but it sounds better now.