Monday, November 12, 2007

Home, small home

Home, Small Home is the title of an article in the May 2005 issue of This Old House; it discusses tiny homes made by The Cottage Company and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.  Btw, homes averaged about 1,500 square feet in 1970 and were up to 2,330 in 2005.  And when Greeks built their first houses around 6000 B.C.; they were so small, the people ate and sometimes slept outside.  Designer Jay Shafer (Tumbleweed Tiny Houses) says, "I only spend twenty minutes a week on housework."  Now, there's an incentive!  Here's the link for his website: Tumbleweed Houses  They are really small, but cute, though I don't think I could get my dogs, books, computer, etc. to fit in one. 

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