Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The ideal kitchen (link)

Consumer survey reveals the 'Ideal' kitchen

(Source: BuildingOnline's eUpdate via newsletter):

"While the kitchen certainly remains the hub of the American home, it continues to evolve from being a strictly functional place in the home for preparing meals. Almost a third of American consumers now see their kitchen as a place where a variety of activities take place. Increasingly, people socialize, take medicines, manage their household, and care for pets in their kitchen.

- Busy lifestyles prevent the vast majority of people from preparing all of their meals at home every day. Only a third of Americans fix breakfast at home every day. Yet nearly three quarters frequently prepare dinner at home (5+ times a week)."

Other tidbits from the survey:

"The number one appliance upgrade desired in an 'ideal' kitchen is a cooktop that features a built-in grill, wok, griddle or rotisserie attachment. Also strongly desired are commercial-grade appliances, a larger dishwasher to accommodate a wide variety of dishes, and a double oven.

Men may see appliance purchases as status symbols while women tend to see them with a more functional perspective."

The survey also covers remodeling.  (Fewer would do all the work themselves.)  Link: News : Trends : Survey of 10,000 Consumers Reveals the 'Ideal' Kitchen :


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