Monday, November 12, 2007

Shaving in the shower

There's a nifty idea in another article in that issue of This Old House about a sink in the shower.  A man was inspired while staying at a luxury hotel in India, and he came home and had an architect renovate his master suite.  The new shower is 6 feet by 4 feet 8 inches and includes a limestone vanity (matching the shower) with a small sink, glass shelf, and fogless mirror, plus the showerhead, rainhead, and hand spray.  It's beautiful!  Limestone has to be sealed, btw.  Be sure to read the fine print.


Anonymous said...

Shaving in the shower works for me, the steam softens the beard.  I have been doing it for forty years. When I try to shave at the sink I am never happy with the results. No mirror or sink in my shower but I can do it without a problem. Bill

Anonymous said...


No mirror?  I think there are mirrors and things now for shaving in the shower to make it easier for guys.  This guy, though, obviously had the money to indulge himself.  It's posh, but not ostentatious; the sink fits neatly into the shower.  Btw, the fogless mirror--which when I first read fogless mirror I thought was treated with a spray or something--actually has pipes and stuff to keep it from fogging up.  I'm sure that added to the expense; and I always think of the maintenance involved with complex installations like that.