Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas decorating tips

Be consistent with color and theme.  Two colors means sophistication (well, that's what the newspaper article said); for instance, use traditional green and ivory.  And stars make a beautiful recurring them.
Mix fresh and faux greenery, including silver leaves and pinecones.
Think sparkle!  This includes mirrors, glass, metal, beads, and candlelight [I think you can cut back on the candles; it's dangerous and is getting so trite]
Personalize stockings, ornaments, and napkin holders.
Decorate your doorway with a wreath [I love a friend's red wreath on her dark door] and flanking trees or poinsettias.  [I love variegated poinsettias--Jingle Bells, Monet, Strawberries and Cream, ...]
Add Christmas touches to things that are hard to move, also pillows, antlers to the dog, etc.  [Well, you can skip the antlers, but I have to confess that even I think they're sort of cute.]

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