Sunday, January 6, 2008

Color & decorating ideas

The January/February 2008 issue of Home focuses on color--lots of color, plus home makeovers.  The editor confesses that she went from white a few years ago to dreamy blue, off-white, and pale yellow, and then on to celadon green in the living room and whisper pink in the kitchen.
Bright colors are showing up more everywhere I've noticed, especially purple.  The purple office in Home actually looks pretty good; but "the complementary yellow accents balance the cool purple, keeping it from becoming too heavy visually."  [Remember this when using purple.]  A bedroom uses red--inspired by the pop art (Campbell's soup can) on the wall.  [This was not my favorite room.]  Another room uses electric blue causing the architectural angles (white trim) to pop.  [I'm not sure how much longer I can stand that word!]
An upcoming trend is contrasting colors on the inside and underside of furniture.  Bright colors--and big patterns--are showing up in fabrics too.  [The page of armchair makeovers is certainly striking.]
Two new products I came across in Home are Caesarstone (quartz countertops) and LG Hi-Macs (an acrylic solid surface available in 60 colors).  And if you're going to load your bed with lots of decorative pillows, you can use different values of a color.  Btw, a good idea for bed pillow collectors is a big trunk or chest at the food of the bed to store them in overnight.  (I came across that idea on a home show the other day.)


Anonymous said...

i'm really glad that colors are becoming so fashionable in homes these days.  white walls everywhere are soooo boring.  

especially love programs like 'color splash.'  that's one of my favorites on hgtv.

Anonymous said...

Did you see him win his show, Color Splash?  I did.  I enjoy the show where the decoratiors compete, but I can't remember the name!  A woman won the last show.