Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home and decorating ideas

There's a fun bathroom vanity with sink and single handle faucet--The Mailbox vanity--that was inspired by the postal service classic--in the March 2008 issue of Country Home.  There's also a furniture-style pedestal sink with long legs and a drawer at the bottom. 
An interesting idea in Country Home is using for a bathroom door a salvaged commercial restroom door (the one in the magazine says Women).  And you can make a partial wall from a solid shutter to separate your toilet from the rest of the bathroom.  Add a crescent moon to your shutter for a nostalgic touch.  For a rustic touch you can use a big slab of wood--with bark on the front--for a bathroom vanity counter.  Another of their ideas is using a Pez collection to add color in a small space.
The April 2008 issue of Early American Life has an article on how to hide your appliances in a period kitchen.  (You don't have to, btw; you can let them just be there or make them blend in).  You can panel them (dishwashers and refrigerators) or put them behind doors (refrigerators).  Stoves, ovens, and cooktops, however, get hot.  Be sure to read the article for the various warnings before going to such extremes.
"Your House, My House" is the title of an exhibit at The Children's Museum of Memphis that runs through May 26.  It's an interactive exhibit that looks at houses, apartments, houseboats, and more.  There are three walk-in homes, and it sounds like a lot of fun.  I'd sure go if I lived near there.  Link: Welcome to The Children's Museum of Memphis!

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