Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recycling and flooring choices

The Early Spring 2008 issue of Renovation Style takes a look at some salvage shops in New England.  I am so glad that these old house materials are being recycled.  The article also has interesting side trips near each store.  I haven't visited these places, but there are salvage stores in Florida (DeLand) and Louisiana (Nachitoches) also (I'm not sure of the spelling).
I also enjoyed the article on the recycled church; it's now a lovely home.  (I love Rezoned on HGTV.)  There are some other good house and garden articles in this issue too.
And David Johnston, a top environmental building specialist, says that linoleum, ceramic tile, and bamboo are good flooring choices; however, only a handful of the thousands of bamboo species make good floors.  (See my earlier blog post on bamboo floors.)  He also points out that in many homes the master bedroom is far from the water heater, and you waste a lot of water waiting for the shower water to warm up.  He recommends a Metlund Hot Water D'Mand system.  (These point of use water heaters are becoming popular, but I've read that you can't have too many people using it at once.  Hmm.  Better research it.  I'm sticking with my big water heater--especially since I just replaced it.)

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