Monday, March 24, 2008

Bathroom ideas

There's an article in a 2004 special Woman's Day issue of Kitchens and Baths that lists 37 ways to Open Up the Bath.  Ideas include: removing cabinet doors and painting the interiors a lighter color [Think about the dirt and damp that the contents will be exposed to]; replace the vanity with a pedestal sink [and lose valuable storage space]; hang double shower curtains instead of a single curtain [hmm]; use more mirrors; store extra toiletries in the linen closet [and hope they don't leak on the linens]; use a striped shower curtain; keep window treatments light; use transparent chairs, containers, and shelves; and remove protruding objects...  [I need towel racks!].  Okay, some of these and the other ideas are good to help you avoid remodelling your bathroom, but think carefully.  I will not have a pedestal sink in the next house; it is really important to have a cabinet with doors AND drawers! 


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