Sunday, March 9, 2008

Home decorating ideas

The March/April issue of Home says that gray is the season's coolest color; it looks good on floors and countertops, and they show samples and list sources.  Speaking of floors, the magazine tells you how to clean a flokati rug.  I shall avoid them like the plague.  (I don't rake rugs.)
An interesting idea is to dilute your wall color paint by 50% with white paint and use it on your ceiling.  That does sound intriguing.  (Does anyone paint three walls of a room one color and the fourth wall a different shade anymore?)  And you can match your drapes to the wall color for an interesting effect and make the room "feel more expansive."  For a contrast with dark wall colors, use shiny metals and mirrored surfaces instead of wood.
There's a piece that shows and describes different types of interior doors--with pros and cons.  [We had sliding doors with a top track in a bedroom closet years ago, and our Manx cat, Bast, used to push them open and go into the closet.  Bang, bang, bang.]
You can now have a bathroom cabinet over your sink with a little side refrigerator to keep medications and cosmetics chilled.  There are a number of other high tech ideas in this issue, including an exterior door lock that scans your fingerprints.  (It can be programmed with up to 50 fingerprints.)  There's also fiberglass board for air ducts; it's made without formaldehyde so you get better air quality; it also eliminates the noise and condensation you get with metal ductwork.
And have you ever thought of getting two stoves and putting them side-by-side with a stainless steel backsplash to make them look like one big fancy stove?  (See page 58.)  An idea that didn't seem very wise to me is putting bookcases in the bathroom--flanking the tub!  The humidity cannot be good for those books! 

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