Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home ideas

An article in the April 2008 Better Homes & Gardens suggests using a variety of chests, dining room buffets, or cabinets in the foyer and other rooms in the house.  [I have a drop leaf table in our foyer with a chalk board over it on which we write welcoming messages for guests.]

I saw in an ad for Delta faucets in the magazine that the new Allora pull-down faucet has a magnetic docking system for people who can't be bothered to put it back together.  [Could be interesting when you're trying to use it.]

And in their Living Green section is some useful information on water heaters.  "Tank water heaters cost the least initially; ... and solar water heaters ... [use] a renewable energy source."  They also mention heat pump water heaters, which I'd never heard of.  Apparently they're "the most efficient electric option."

Btw, a book case with doors on the bottom is a good thing when you have puppies.  [I noticed one in an advertising insert and thought I'd mention that.  We've lost a few books to teething puppies over the years because most of our bookcases don't have doors.]

Here's a freebie for gardeners--from an ad in the magazine: To request your free copy of the 2008 Gardener's Idea Book, call 877-865-5818 or go to their website: www.provenwinners.com/idea30  Ah, I see this puts you on their mailing list.  And the book's still at the press.

Here's an interesting idea (see page 70 for photo).  Why not put a window over your stove so you can look outside while cooking.  Frankly, I think you should be watching what you're cooking.  They do warn you about curtains (forget it!) and complying with local codes for ventilation and clearance.

And for people interested in having garage and other sales, I picked this info up online:

"My sister and I love to have garage sales and have always made
our own fun, creative, bright signs to attract shoppers.

"We had so many people asking us where we bought our signs that
we realized there really was a huge need for chic, funky, sassy
garage/yard sale signs. We started doing some research and found
there was nothing on the market other than the boring
black/white, red/white garage sale signs.

"With a lot of hard work, we started Sassy Signs and are
currently selling them at retail outlets such as Lowe’s, and
independent hardware, scrapbook and party stores. We have also
been selling online at http://www.sassysigns.com/ since we
started the company two years ago."

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