Thursday, March 20, 2008

Publication news

Well, I, and the editor, are still waiting for the shared world anthology, Magistria: Shards of the Goddess, to come out.

Building a Cool House for Hot Times without Scorching the Pocketbook is still on this Barnes & Noble top ten list: Barnes & Books - Architecture, Domestic->Amateurs' manuals

And my children's picture book, Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?, has gotten some good reviews:

MBR: Children's Bookwatch, December 2007

Reader Views Kids - Joy V. Smith - Why Won't Anyone Play With Me?

Here's a review that ran in Wee Ones of an earlier incarnation of the story.  (There have been only a few minor changes, including Kandy Kitty to Kallie Kitten, in the story.)

Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?
Written by Joy V. Smith
Illustrated by Andrea Gradidge
Ages 3-6
How does Kandy Kitty make a friend when no one wants to play with her?  It's not easy being a playful little kitten but Kandy doesn't realize she plays too rough for the other animals.
Finally one of the animals speaks up and tells Kandy why they won't play with her.  Then Kandy has an idea!  She asks the other animals what they want to play.  Now Kandy has many friends.
This book is a good concept for all young children to learn.  Easy to read with a loveable main character, Why Won't Anyone Play with Me? will capture the imagination of the very young.  Bright, bold illustrations bring the story to life and make this an appealing e-book.
The End
Here's the link to Wee Ones:  Wee Ones Online Children's Magazine: Children's Magazine.   The review is not archived; it ran in the summer of 2003.
And here's a review from my hometown paper (it's an excerpt; the rest of the article was background):
Her current book was published in July by Publish America.  It is a soft-cover, 15-page picture book for the 3-to 6-year-old reader.  The delightful, delicate illustrations have been provided by Andrea Gradidge. 
The story focuses on a valuable lesson that all children need to learn.  The main character, pouncer Kallie Kitten, plays too rough with her wild friends.  Gradually none of them wants to spend time with her anymore.  The character selection is clever and age appropriate.  Smith makes the attendent life lesson clear at the conclusion of the story.
The author has cleverly included cutouts of the main characters as a supplement to the book.  This is a nice touch and provides a fun physical activity for the young reader that compliments the story.
"Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?" is available from, Barnes &, and the publisher.  
By Barbara Mahler  10/14/07 Sunday
Barbara Mahler is a correspondent for Gannett Wisconsin newspapers.  

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