Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bathroom remodels

We recently replaced a bathroom sink because the beautiful vintage green pedestal sink we bought from a salvage store reacted badly to the harsh chemicals somone used on it.  (Be careful, people!)  After that sink was removed (whimper, sob), we replaced it with a lovely white sink, which looks good there; however, it's taller, and we had to add countertop edging to the cabinets on each side (close match but not exact), and then we decided to tile the base (which was raised at the original installation, which is why the sink is so tall now).  Fortunately, we had leftover floor tiles from when we upgraded our floor.  (See earlier project posts.)  It looks good, but I would rather have not had to do that.
Btw, i came across a book, Bathroom Ideas That Work (2007, The Taunton Press) that is full of good ideas and photos.  A pedestal sink that looks a lot like ours is on page 151.

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