Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saving energy AND helping the planet!

Our local environmental/nature columnist, Tom Palmer, recommends a book in his column today, You Can Prevent Global Warming (and save money!) by Jeffrey Langholz and Kelly Turner.  The book focuses on personal action and includes such tips as: Drive or take a train instead of a plane because emissions are less; recycle and buy products that have been recycled; use food in the fridge and/or pantry that you've forgotten [I confess that we waste food; sometimes it gets too old for the dogs!]; turn off the clock on your microwave and other appliances (it's been estimated that the clock--over the lifetime of the microwave--uses more energy than cooking does); compost [I do that!]; don't use throwaway products; use glass or ceramic instead of metal pans when baking; and more...

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