Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home ideas

I came across a nifty idea for your front porch in Lowe's Creative Ideas (May/June 2008 issue).  If you have seating on your porch, paint your house number on a cushion(s), and you can paint Welcome on a cushion too. 
Old House Journal (June 2008) has an interesting article on the now historical ranch style homes.  This includes the atomic ranch, "a mid-century style characterized by modernist details, walls of glass and an open floor plan."  There are also articles on shingle styles, stucco, clay roof tiles, and Humrich homes.  (Homes designed by architect Edward Humrich.)
In House & Garden (February 2007/Renovation issue), I learned that cork is now being used in upholstery.  It's supple, yet durable.  And I loved the bathtub made from a wine vat bought in Paris; you do need a stool to get into it.  That whole bathroom is rustic, btw, including a chair made from a big piece of tree trunk.  And there was a fun article about a porcelain collector who commissioned a 144-piece porcelain dinner set that is decorated with hand-painted portraits of hippos from zoos around the world.  What a great variety of hippo images!

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