Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oasis 21

Oasis is a literary science fiction convention that takes place in Orlando on Memorial Day weekend every year, and I just spent a fun weekend there, dividing my time between various panels, the video room, the con suite, and hanging out in the halls visiting and browsing the freebie table, with side trips to the dealers room and the art show.  The panels included blogging and one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett.  In the video room I saw old and new Dr. Who episodes, Japanese live action TV series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Quark, and a Primeval episode--that I hope makes it to the US soon.  In the con suite I enjoyed tasting and voting for the hottest and best chile (Friday), followed by dessert night (Saturday), and a varying selection of snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and more.  The more also included movies, video games, and lots of conversation. 

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Anonymous said...

sorry it's taken me so long to respond.  i actually read it when you originally posted it, but have kept it to savour.  you're such a lucky woman to be able to go to this sci fi convention.