Friday, June 27, 2008

Home decorating ideas

The July 2008 issue of Better Homes and Gardens spotlights peony pinks; the colors include Rose Blossom (Valspar) and Ballet -Slipper Pink--two colors I may consider for my bedroom at my next house.  (My current bedroom wall color is pink, though it had to be toned down with white sponge-painting.  Everyone, including me, called it Pepto-Bismol pink.)   
Their kitchen ideas include a drop-in cutout for a pull-out garbage bin.  You can cover the hole with a bamboo cutting board that you insert into the countertop.  It just doesn't seem very sanitary to me.
Outdoor rooms are increasingly popular, and this issue showcases an "Instant Oasis."  I've heard that there are outdoor media rooms now too. 
In case anyone is interested, I came upon a two-page ad spread for baby M&M dolls.  I suspect these are for collectors.  They are cute in their different colored (four) "onesies."
I enjoyed the photo spread of red, white, and blue "Floral Fireworks."  As a matter of fact, I was thinking of such a Fourth of July display for the front of the church recently.  We have a collection of artificial arrangements that we rotate, plus fresh flowers and fruits and veggies for seasonal decorations.  I didn't see anything outstanding in our collection, but I'm taking in my red, white, and blue rag rug to put on the table underneath the arrangement.  Someone suggested a red or white arrangement, but, as I recall, our only red flowers are poinsettias.  Hmm, I think my blue hydrangea is blooming in one of the back gardens.
The magazine's recipe selection includes a tomato and red onion salad that sounds attractive; and there are recipes for Lemon Ice Cream and Cornmeal Sandies and a recipe for a frozen banana smoothie that includes skim milk, yogurt, and peanut butter.  The ice crystals in the frozen banana make the smoothie frothy.  (I love frothy drinks.)

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