Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kitchen pantries (link)

"Designers and homeowners agree that ample, easily accessible storage is one of the most important aspects of a great kitchen, ..."  (From Paul Bianchina column)

Link: Get kitchen pantry organized | Inman News

He has some useful pantry ideas (both for walk-in pantries and pantry cabinets), including keeping your shopping list on the pantry door.  Well, our walk-in pantry doesn't have a door because we decided not to waste space on a door nor time on opening and closing it, but we can put it inside or nearby.  Hmm.  Maybe I can add it to the fridge notes.  He talks about using different types of shelves, baskets, etc.  And keeping like with like.  (Doesn't everyone?!)  We have enough room on our pantry floor for coolers, boxes and bottles of drinks, etc. and a garbage can that holds our big bags of dog food, plus the recycling bin.  Except for the garbage can, all of the above are under the shelves.  I'd suggest that you don't add shelves too close to the floor.

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